Rumours of my death… and all that

Yeah, couldn’t resist referring to that quote…

So yes, I’m still alive. Still the same old me, well mostly anyway, and back doing a little writing again.

Can only apologize for it being so long. Not gonna wax lyrical about the reasons it happened, seen enough people who’ve done that before, but the short version includes things like a massive hernia that trapped an ovary, a blood clot in my chest, losing my dog, getting a new dog, killing a couple of computers, a trip away or two, learning a few new craft skills… you get the picture lol

Might possibly disappoint a few people that I’m not currently writing Kol. He’ll always be one of my big fanfiction loves, and I do plan on finishing things up but the muse just isn’t swinging that way right now…

Instead I finally got up the courage to try writing some Marvel, starting with one of my favourites – Hawkeye

(Yes, for anyone interested that does mean I’m working on more lol, though I won’t make any promises on when any of it will be ready)

Anyway, hope you enjoy


So you may hate me just a little…

So you may hate me just a little…

I’m saying that for  a couple of reasons… of course the first is that I’ve been awful & haven’t updated yet.

The second… well… as I type this I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Barcelona preparing to attend BloodyNightCon all day tomorrow & Sunday with the lovely Ashley who you might know better as Bertie Bott…

Busy busy weekend ahead…

Shhh we’ve got a date…

Yeah ok, I know you hate me…

I’ll be back with a few details of the goings on once I’m home and down to earth again.

Much love darlings,


I’m still alive… I swear…

So my darlings it’s been a very long time and I’m truly sorry for that… I never intended to take such a long break, but life happened – as it has a habit of doing – and before I knew it months had gone by.
Honestly it started with needing to take some time for me, and some time to deal with new (and some recurring, not so pleasant, old) things in my life…
I’m in the long and difficult process of trying to start and build my own business from scratch, which takes a lot of time, and I met someone… yes, me of the eternal singledom not only met a man, but also went fell in love with the big idiot…
Unfortunately dealing with everything all at once stirred up some deep seated anxiety issues as well as triggering panic attacks… which is mainly what caused the extended hiatus.
I’m slowly working past it now and getting stronger again (partly with the help of the aforementioned ‘big idiot’) and I’m finally starting to feel like I could write again…
So as it turns out, when I checked my old folders, I found an almost completed chapter I hadn’t realised I was sitting on. Hate on me if you wish for withholding it all this time lol, but it does mean an update could be coming a lot faster once I’ve finished editing…
I’m not going to make any promises about schedules… life is a lot different for me now than when I started this… and I just don’t have the same time to devote to it as I once did.
Despite having less time, I’m leading a more positive life now… and I would like to think I’ll find a way to finish what I’ve started… I still have stories to tell…

Fandom 4 Autism… a teaser…

Yes, I’m sorry it’s been a while… RL has been crazy recently… with everything from a new man in my life (yay me!), to having serious thoughts about starting my own business (also, yay me!)…

I haven’t forgotten my stories, and don’t plan to forever leave them hanging, but these things have to take priority right now for me…

Anyway, in the meantime I have a piece donated to the Fandom 4 Autism fundraiser… a first part of something new.

If you want to read it in full then you’ll need to go and donate at the Fandom site by September 1st to receive a PDF copy of all the donated stories. The full piece will not be posted here or anywhere else until after November 1st.


“Miss Isabella,” Klaus Mikaelson spoke smoothly, once he was certain the young shifter had backed down, “It pleases me to introduce you to my younger brother, Kol Mikaelson.”

Bella blinked in surprise. She hadn’t expected Klaus to be quite so polite, not to her, and especially not to completely ignore the elders in her favour. She didn’t comment aloud however, instead she simply murmured a polite greeting, her voice feeling like it was catching in her throat.

He stepped to the side slightly, and immediately Bella found herself once again entranced by the handsome man on horseback in front of her.

It felt like something was pulling her toward him, and she slowly moved forward before she could second guess her actions. She came to a halt at the bottom wooden step though, unsure about crossing the stony ground in her bare feet.

Understanding her issue, Kol carefully guided his horse nearer; close enough that she could easily reach out and brush her fingers down the animal’s flank from where she stood.

She looked up at him wide eyed, feeling ridiculously small compared to him as he towered over her.

He was even more handsome close up, and for a moment Bella couldn’t help thinking that maybe being married to this man – vampire might not be so bad. It would at least be a nice view for the rest of her probably very short life.

A faint smirk twitched at Kol’s lips at her slightly glazed over eyes, before he inhaled deliberately, his own eyes closing. He opened them just a moment later and gazed down at her in a way that made Bella shiver with something that she couldn’t put into words.

Time seemed to stretch on as they stared at each other, until the moment was broken by someone coughing. Kol’s eyes flicked in the direction of the noise briefly, his brow furrowing in slight irritation.

He looked over Bella once more, that faint smirk back on his features, before he clicked his tongue at his horse, turning and leaving at a fast pace without having said a single word.

Klaus smirked, amused by something only he seemed to understand, and for a moment Bella could see the resemblance between him and his brother.

“What’s going on?” Billy Black called out, “Is it agreed? Did he even like her?”

“Great,” Bella mumbled under her breath, feeling a little stung and humiliated by what had just occurred “I’ll just pretend I’m not here while you all discuss whether the guy who couldn’t wait to ride off wants me or not.”

Klaus smirked wider, definitely sounding amused as he spoke. “If he didn’t like her, then you would know. Now… let’s get down to business shall we?”


That’s all for now darlings


I didn’t leave you hanging… (well actually I did, for a long time)

No, don’t adjust your screens… I’m actually back with another update

(you can thank Bertie Bott for it being posted today and not in a day or so… as she found out I had this chapter finished and well, bribery may have almost ensued 🙂 lol)

You may also be a little surprised to see that it’s an update for Hanging By A Moment… you see, I don’t just forget my older stories… it’s just sometimes a long while before I can get back into them.

Before I go, I realised I had forgotten to congratulate the winners of the Fanatic Fanfic awards… big shout out to all of you, you all know who you are. Well done, it’s all well deserved.
Unfortunately I didn’t place… maybe next year.

Anyway, banner below leads to the new chapter, hope you enjoy…

HBAMoment Header 3

Until next time darlings


Yes… it actually is a new chapter!

So it’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that… unfortunately life and other responsibilities have to take precedence, and it’s not been the easiest time lately.

That been said, I keep thinking of a particular line from a song I like recently: “You are what you love, not who loves you.”

I love writing, I really do… so even if it ends being a while between updates, and life keeps me busy, I’ll keep coming back and adding new things whenever I can for as long as I continue to love it.

So, that deep thought out of the way… as the title suggested, I actually do have an update for you…

Chapter twelve of Step to the Edge ~ Breathing Deeper Instead ~ is now up…

Edge 12 header1

Hope you enjoy… until next time darlings


Last day of voting…

If you haven’t already been and cast your vote in this second and last round of the Fanatic Fanfic Awards then today is your last chance to do so…

While I admit I would love your votes (to even place for anything would be awesome) there are lots of amazing writers to support and vote for.


Best of luck to everyone nominated… though loads of you don’t need luck! lol

Until the next time, darlings