Non Canon Awards… Voting is open

Hey, so I’ve kind of sucked at keeping up to date with stuff lately (anyone friends with me on Facebook could probably confirm that lol) and as a result I never posted on here about the Non Canon Awards.

Right away I was nominated for two awards, Underdog Author, and Best Crossover (Step to the Edge)… and then on visiting the site today to vote for my friends, I then discovered I’m actually also up for Best Quote (also SttE – Bella’s Subway ‘eat fresh’ line)

I’m still bouncing around in my seat right now…

So anyway, voting is now open at and I’m now up in three categories (Underdog, Best Crossover, and as of today Best Quote)

Alongside me are many fabulous ladies up for various awards, including but not limited to Bertie Bott, ncBexie25, Mommy4Thomas, Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel… (still not entirely sure I should be cheering on people who will probably place ahead of me 🙂 but hey, I’m nice like that… ❤ all you ladies.)

Sincerely, good luck to everyone nominated. I’m honoured to be considered among you ❤




Much love darlings
(and please vote, if not for me then for your favourites)



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