Hello ‘Push’ my old friend…

So yes, a bit of a shocker… for the first time in I don’t know how long I’ve actually managed to update The Push and Pull of Things.

Honestly I’m a little nervous, it’s been so long since I touched this story and I’ve had so much trouble trying to get the feel of it again. Hopefully I’ve recaptured the spirit at least in part, and can continue to update it when I can with some new ideas I’ve had.

Anyway, before I leave you with the new chapter, just a quick reminder that voting is still open at the Non Canon Awards. I’m up for three categories (Underdog Author, Best Crossover, and Best Quote), along with many awesome writers and friends up for various things. Please go and vote, whoever you choose it makes awards like these a success.  


So without further ado, chapter eleven ~ Catch Me If I Fall ~ of The Push and Pull of Things is now up

TPaPoT 11

Until next time darlings



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